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Why It People Should Also Be Business People

It’s no secret that business success today revolves largely around people, not capital. Many traditional manufacturers are now essentially service businesses. In most industries, people costs are much higher than capital costs. Even when a company isn’t people intensive overall, a people-based business embedded in the company often drives corporate performance. The textbook definition of business is the providing of products, services or both to people in exchange for something from them like money.

He took night courses in business studies, completed a part-time accountancy course and in 1977 bought his first corner-shop, with a sub-post office that gave him a fixed income. Three years later he set up a finance company providing mortgages , and soon after bought his first care home. Trust and honesty remain essential to Gujarati-dominated industries. In order to make the system work, he explains, diamond merchants prefer to deal with “the people they trust”—this usually means a group within the Gujaratis, in this case their fellow Jains from Palanpur. This is a big part of the reason why the subgroups of Gujaratis, such as the Patels and the Jains of Palanpur, have each congregated in one trade, and why most Gujarati businesses, except the very largest, remain run by families.

In addition to requesting a full-time mentor, you can ask mentors questions through our LiveChat at any time. So instead of making pitches to faceless executives, make an effort to speak to the people. As the world becomes an increasingly digital landscape, there is a real growing need for trust. Sellers must humanize their sales processes in a world where sales are increasingly being led by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The best relationship-oriented sellers place their connection with the customer above all other elements of the selling process. By adding value and spending plenty of time with their prospect both before and after the deal is signed.

Along with resources and tools created especially for women entrepreneurs, SCORE offers free business mentors. SCORE mentors, many of them successful women small business owners in their own right, are ready to help you achieve your business goals. The most important thing to remember from the original quote is that people want to buy from other people, not a business. A lot of B2B purchasing decisions have more to do with the relationships the buyers have with the salespeople, and less to do with the product or service.

He also became known for his pacifism during the first years of World War I. He is credited with founding the famous Barnum & Bailey Circus, which ran for 146 years. He is also credited with co-founding the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company, which is one of the oldest American ferry companies. His life and work have inspired many films, including The Greatest Showman.

Can you perceive the company you work for, or any other organisation, whether political, social, or commercial, with any of your senses? If you can’t perceive an organisation with any of your senses, does it have any reality at all? “Fix the company you work for, or any other organisation of which you are part, firmly in your mind.


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