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How Do Credit Repair Services Work?

There is also online portal access for all customers to manage your account and access the services that your package include. The Credit Pros offers the most comprehensive package options, including other services to improve your finances. You may have access to identify monitoring, bill reminders, budgeting software, medication discounts, and more. Both plans include a free consultation and a no-risk refund policy. You will also have one-on-one service through a Personal Case Advisor. The company offers services in all states except Idaho, Minnesota, Ohio, and South Carolina, according to a company representative.

Like many credit repair companies, this firm focuses primarily on identifying inaccurate items on your credit report that may be lowering your score. Once it pinpoints inaccuracies, the company will guide you through the repair process to remove these items. When you sign up, Sky Blue Credit will get your free credit reports from the major credit bureaus. After a thorough review, they will identify potential data errors and prioritize the items that have the most impact. Then Sky Blue will start sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus, up to 15 per 35-day cycle. The Credit Repair Organizations Act also entitles you to certain legal rights when dealing with credit repair companies.

It will provide you with instant brand recognition, a trusted product, and corporate support. This combination of benefits allows you to make a name for yourself in your community faster than if you start from scratch. You’ll find a handful of companies that offer this opportunity, so take the time to review their fees and royalty structures to determine if you’re willing to make that kind of investment.

Usually, this can take anywhere from a few days to more than a week. The Concord Premium package offers the standard services, plus a score analysis and TransUnion alerts. Moreover, they will lay out all of the information in a straightforward, easy-to-read manner that can help you understand your credit better. This way, you can understand your financial behavior properly and interpret its effects on your credit report.

Software costs range anywhere from $179 to $900 a month, tempting many entrepreneurs to forego this expense. Industry leaders advise against this; however, reporting a 400% increase in revenue in just over a year. Most states require that all credit repair agencies obtain a surety bond. This bond protects clients against any potential damages, up to the bond’s limits, and cost between $200 and $300. Know where you stand with Equifax credit report monitoring and access to your FICO® score. It just seems so weird that in order to have a good credit score you have to put yourself in a position to potentially access lots of bad debt.

The first is a monthly package that costs $19 to start and $79 per month. Both provide the same services — you just pay for them in different ways. With the more expensive packages, PremierPlus and Concord Premiere, you’ll have access to additional tools. These include credit monitoring, personal finance tools, and credit improvement analyses. Brainstorm the company’s key attributes, core values, and the service it provides. Identify keywords you’d like to use and use the credit repair business name generator to view an expansive range of ideas.


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