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Lexington Law offers three service plans and a free initial credit report consultation to help you choose which credit repair options are best for your situation. Keep in mind that while reviewing your credit report, you may run into some common issues. If you do identify what you believe to be an error on one or all of your reports, you should contact the credit agencies directly to initiate a dispute. There’s no fee involved with disputing a credit reporting error when done directly through the credit bureaus. North Shore Advisory has company credit repair programs designed to fix, change, correct and delete information that is hurting the credit scores and indexes of your business.

If so, then this is a solid strategy in repairing your business’s credit. When reducing your debt you want your utilization rate to be under 30 percent on all of your revolving accounts. In a perfect world, you should only charge whatever you can payoff each month. Clients bail on paying invoices for your products or services which then prevents you from being able to pay your expenses. If they fail to resolve the issue, consumers can also work with a consumer law attorney to remove the error and collect damages if applicable. It varies from company to company depending on how that company calculates it.

Consider using a free tool like Experian’s Business Credit Score Planner, which is designed to help business owners improve their business credit scores. As with a consumer credit report, monitoring your business reports is your responsibility, so check them frequently. They should show as much attractive data as possible because that is what is used to calculate your credit scores.

When you dispute an item, you are asking the credit bureau to verify the entry. With the 6-month flat-rate option, there is no set-up fee or monthly charge—you just make a one-time payment of $419. Since this works out to only $70 a month and the process usually takes 6 months, The Credit People offer one of the most affordable packages on the market. For the most extensive credit repair, the Clean Slate package is the most comprehensive among Credit Saint’s offerings. You get everything in the Credit Remodel package, plus unlimited disputes and the ability to dispute judgments.

Having better business credit is an important part of how to apply for a business line of credit. Because you will likely need improved business credit for an online business line of credit. Raising your business credit scores and fixing problems is the best way how to establish a business line of credit. When you dispute an item the business reporting agencies will have vendors re-verify payments and remove charges if the vendor cannot verify the information. There are currently no laws which outline business owner’s rights regarding credit disputing.

The organization works with an aim to offer you a better understanding of your credit score and help you achieve your financial dreams. Customers have been able to effectively fix their credit scores with the excellent service packages offered by Credit Saint. The company has received a lot of praise for the free consultation call, which allows the customer to choose a package. The basic package is called Credit Polish, which is ideal if you have a lower budget and few negative items on your report. Here, the company will challenge three credit bureaus besides offering score tracking and score analysis.


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