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The Original Craft Coffee

We strive to serve you the best coffee in a friendly, comfortable environment. We are always looking for friends who desire to be present with this community of ragamuffin saints, to sit a spell, sip some coffee, play chess, and develop surprisingly redemptive relationships. Some people come to Network to serve the poor, but the ones who stick around are those who recognize that they themselves are the poor.

Back home, they roast coffee by hand in small batches, sell it online, and brew it in cafes on South Broadway and in the Denver Tech Center. Brightly colored origami pinwheels grace the white walls of Pinwheel Coffee, a fittingly cheery and youthful decoration for a unique coffee shop that is staffed by junior and high school students. The shop, a collaboration between local Montessori schools and nonprofit Great Work, lets kids gain real-world experience in running a business, brewing coffee (good coffee — they serve Denver’s own Middle State) and customer service.

In 1966, Alfred Peet began applying the dark roast style to high quality beans and opened up a small shop in Berkeley, California to educate customers on the virtues of good coffee. While café may refer to a coffeehouse, the term “café” generally refers to a diner, British café (colloquially called a “caff”), “greasy spoon” , transport café, teahouse or tea room, or other casual eating and drinking place. A coffeehouse may share some of the same characteristics of a bar or restaurant, but it is different from a cafeteria. Many coffeehouses in the Middle East and in West Asian immigrant districts in the Western world offer shisha , flavored tobacco smoked through a hookah. An espresso bar is a type of coffeehouse that specializes in serving espresso and espresso-based drinks. Founded in 2002 by Jake, Herb and Joseph Brodsky, the Novo Coffee family has grown to include five locations throughout Denver.

Coffee pots are ranged at an open fire, with a hanging cauldron of boiling water. The only woman present presides, separated in a canopied booth, from which she serves coffee in tall cups. More generally, coffeehouses became meeting places where business could be carried on, news exchanged and the London Gazette read. Lloyd’s of London had its origins in a coffeehouse run by Edward Lloyd, where underwriters of ship insurance met to do business. According to one French visitor, Antoine François Prévost, coffeehouses, “where you have the right to read all the papers for and against the government”, were the “seats of English liberty”.

From their small but elegant shop in LoDo ,Little Owlserves coffee connoisseurs perfectly brewed individual cups from small-batch, single-origin beans. While their espressos are as delicious, it’s worth watching the art of the pour-over here. Then we probably shouldn’t tell you about this Uptown dessert bar that also happens to serve a mean cup of java. TryD Bar’spopular Cake and Shake, Bag O’ Donuts or the Molten Cake Thingy That Everyone Has… and pair it with an Irish coffee or an espresso cocktail. Bright lights and big coffee are what’s on deck at Aviano in Cherry Creek North. This charming spot is a neighborhood favorite, serving up Intelligentsia coffee on the daily.

Most coffee shops brew coffee from locally roasted beans, adding to the freshness of each sip. In lieu of pour-overs or manual brews, Blue Sparrow opts to focus on serving great drip brews, making this a perfect spot to grab a good cup in a rush. House-made blueberry soda, nutmeg-dusted chai, and perfect matcha lattes round out the offerings. OK, it serves a mean cup of coffee but also boasts a bookstore and wine bar. Guided by owner Nicole Sullivan’s principle of developing community through books and beverages, BookBar offers recurring events including happy hour, storytime and book clubs. If you want to sit on their dynamite patio, reservations are strongly suggested.


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