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On the one hand, writers, artists, musicians, intellectuals, bon vivants and their financiers met in the coffee house, and on the other hand, new coffee varieties were always served. In the coffee house, people played cards or chess, worked, read, thought, composed, discussed, argued, observed and just chatted. A lot of information was also obtained in the coffee house, because local and foreign newspapers were freely available to all guests. This form of coffee house culture spread throughout the Habsburg Empire in the 19th century. Drip is hyper-local, and they have been since opening their doors in 2012. Nestled in one of Denver’s most eclectic neighborhoods, this hipster coffee shop fits right in.

The coffeehouses were great social levelers, open to all men and indifferent to social status, and as a result associated with equality and republicanism. The rich intellectual atmosphere of early London coffeehouses were available to anyone who could pay the sometimes one penny entry fee, giving them the name of ‘Penny Universities’. From 1670 to 1685, the number of London coffeehouses began to increase, and they also began to gain political importance due to their popularity as places of debate.

In the 1780s, Merchant’s Coffee House located on Wall Street in New York City was home to the organization of the Bank of New York and the New York Chamber of Commerce. The traditional tale of the origins of the Viennese café begins with the mysterious sacks of green beans left behind when the Turks were defeated in the Battle of Vienna in 1683. All the sacks of coffee were granted to the victorious Polish king Jan III Sobieski, who in turn gave them to one of his officers, Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki, a Ukrainian cossack and Polish diplomat of Ruthenian descent. Kulczycki, according to the tale, then began the first coffeehouse in Vienna with the hoard, also being the first to serve coffee with milk. Established in 2013, their team serves coffee that is ethically sourced, only buys coffee from micro-roasters, and brews it using cutting edge and sustainable techniques. Female-owned roastery and coffee house, Copper Door Coffee has locations in Mayfair and at The Yard on Santa Fe.

Corvus Coffee is known for working with sustainable farmers around the world and locally roasting some of the best beans. Sign up for their subscription services and you can look forward to single origin deliveries straight to your door. Craft coffee served up in yet another fresh space that has us starry-eyed, Thump Coffee on Sixth and Broadway is a new favorite. If you’re looking to take a load off in LoDO, Little Owl Coffee is the place to go. The modern marble and timber clad space give this spot a warm atmosphere while craft espresso and sweet frosted donuts put an extra pep in your step. This adorable little hidey-hole of coffee goodness draws people in with its blue hues and bright atmosphere, keeping them around with an international menu of roasts.

On blustery days headed to work or picking up take out in your sweats, nothing warms you from the inside out like a hot cup of coffee. Treat your friends & family to freshly roasted coffee from around the globe. “The culture has changed in the last 10 years, and we see every age in our coffeeshops, from people in their 70s to their 20s and people in their business suits coming in after work to relax for half an hour,” he said. Discover events and activities on Meetup—and start connecting with new people and passions. Denver’s Late Night Coffee House • Open Early • Open Late • Free Wi-Fi • Locally Owned and Locally Sourced.

Apart from these brilliant options, Denver is home to many other coffee shops that deserve a special mention. Some of these remarkable places are Olive & Finch, River and Roads Coffee, Kaladi Coffee Roasters, Black Eye Coffee, Weathervane Café, and so many others. If you’re a coffee fanatic, make sure to check out all these places before settling in your favorite one. And if you happen to head up to the flatirons, stop by one of Boulder’s top coffee shops.


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