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Business Psychology Creates Success

Simone Hazeldine, in her book The Inner Winner, shows how you can use tactics and tricks from psychology to enhance your performance across your life. With this life and business psychology book, you can improve your ability to focus, find motivation, develop confidence, and relax. You’ve likely heard dozens of managers and executives sing the praises of this book even years after they first read it.

Therefore, studies in this field often focus on theory and acquiring practical experiences through internships. Once you have mastered the basics, you will be able to get very creative in the implementation of your knowledge to help companies. The combination of lectures and practical work is often very entertaining and creates a stimulating learning environment. Moreover, a degree in business psychology gives you the choice to become an independent worker or enjoy a career in an established company. Many students who major in Psychology do so in anticipation of pursuing a career as a psychologist. These students plan to attend graduate school for advanced training in Psychology.

All most all states require that you receive licensure and/or certification before practicing as a licensed psychologist in any capacity. However, one of the main advantages of having a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business psychology is that it opens up doors for you in a variety of different non-clinical industries. At Southern New Hampshire University, we not only have more than 200 degree programs available.

Sometimes being more aware can actually have a negative effect on mental health. Business concentration students are taught by expert faculty in the Department of Psychology as well as the Walker College of Business. Students in the department are involved with research presentation days and competitions through the Council on Undergraduate Research, including the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. A minor is not required but the General Business minor is possible to complete within the Business concentration. There are no official tracks or concentrations in the Organizational and Business Psychology major.

Organizational psychology, also known as business psychology, is a specialization that combines general psychology principles with how the business world functions. If you are interested in a career that involves driving institutional change, an organizational psychology degree is for you. Together, the 120 credits that make up your business psychology degree can prepare you for a career in business, a graduate degree in business or psychology, or all of the above. With 33 free electives , the possibilities to customize your degree to your interests and career goals are numerous. Courses are taught by instructors with professional credentials and experience in related fields.

If you’re adept at understanding other people and empathizing with their needs, then a career as a customer service manager might be a good fit for you. Primarily, you tend to deal with customers that might not have had a very good experience using a product or service from your company. So, it’s necessary for workers in this field to be calm, understanding, and helpful, so as to retain customer loyalty for the long-term. From a business standpoint, employee turnover leads to higher costs, so using basic business psychology principles to address issues that reduce in diminished workplace happiness is a key factor in mitigating extra business expenses due to turnover.


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