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Best Degrees In Business Psychology

This book was written by Robert B. Cialdini, a professor of marketing and psychology at Arizona State University. In this book, he offers great insight from his experience in business psychology and provides key influencers that help with persuasion. His study is backed up with over 30 years of research and hands-on experimentation.

Marketing specialists convey the benefits of a company’s products and services to potential customers. Sales positions exist within every business and include pharmaceutical sales representatives, real estate agents, sales engineers, and insurance agents. Learn about successful psychology graduates working in all aspects of business by clicking the links below. Watch the video to learn more, or click on the profiles below to learn about psych majors who have succeeded in all aspects of business.

This specialty is focused on individual, group and organizational behavior and applying that knowledge to problems at work and how to solve them effectively. They may be employed in the private or public domain and in minor or major businesses. Business psychologists can be in leadership roles, human resource management, workplace mentorship, associations, and training management. Business psychologists may work with different agencies in the public organizations, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal and State Jails, the Defense Department, the Department Of labor, and public school systems. As that description suggests, it takes highly specialized skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the growing field I-O psychology, the kind of in-depth training and expertise that most often comes with an advanced degree. Texas A&M University offers a doctoral program in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology with a major emphasis on academic careers, but also provides the skills needed for future practitioners.

Courses take place on the school’s Manhattan campus during weekday evenings as well as via live online webinars, though all course finals must be taken on campus. Touro College offers competitive tuition rates as well as financial aid opportunities, including work-study positions for qualified students. Business psychologists study the workplace and employees to learn how to best motivate employees as well as improve conditions and therefore make the business run smoothly and successfully. They counsel clients, usually the business owners, in order to enhance work performance through improved practices in hiring, employee feedback, training and management. If you have a penchant for sales, then you can use your degree in business psychology to be a sales representative. A business psychology degree will not only help you sale more products, it may also help the company gain a better perspective of what the consumer really wants and needs.

In that context, you would review employee talents, skills, and areas of expertise in order to effect change by assigning employees tasks that make company-wide change a smoother process. Businesses cannot survive without the right kind of employees in each and every position. As such, a career as a recruitment or training specialist means that you would work to fill vacant positions with the right kind of employee. For example, you might construct an employment test that seeks to identify the specific knowledge and skills of each prospective employee.

By knowing how to generate positive results, while capitalizing on new organizational opportunities, you gain the competitive edge in the marketplace. Applied psychology is a fundamental tool for understanding human behaviors, thoughts, motivations and attitudes. For students pursuing the USC online Master of Science in Applied Psychology, it is important to understand where organizations need to use this kind of knowledge to ensure consumers and employees alike are satisfied and successful.


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